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Class Descriptions

Being a dedicated Spinning® Studio, ZenRide seeks to provide you with the quality and variety of classes you have come to expect in the world of Spinning®. Here are a few formats we think you’ll enjoy.


Zenergy is a 50 Minute Interval Training Ride. The perfect combo of fast driving cadences, movement around bike and strength & spirit on the climbs. No upper body work in this format.
ZENergy is what you catch at ZenRide!


TotalBodyZen is a 50 minute mixed interval ride incorporating upper body work with small hand weights at the end of class. TotalBody, TotalBalance, TotalZEN!

Spin & Sculpt

Half Spin, Half Sculpt. Get your heart rates up on the bikes, strength training off the bikes. Change it up. Try it out. Your body will thank you.

Free Community Ride

ZenRide gives back to the Community! Whether it's trying out a new instructor or a new time; this free ride is a terrific work-out for you, more opportunity for experience & feedback for us. It's a Zen-Zen deal!

Free Intro Session

A 30 minute small group or individual class for newcomers to welcome you to the studio and cover the basics of Spinning: Bike SetUp, Resistance Knob, Hand Positions & Movements used during each class.

If it is not listed on the Schedule this week, please email us a time that works for you:

Biker-Barre: Spin-Bar Combo

"Biker-Barre" combines Spinning on the bikes with Bar Method movements off the bike. Not only is it an amazing complimentary workout, this event will help fund a cure for Hydrocephalus!

P!nk Ride

Get the Party Started at this P!nk Ride during Pink Pledge month! So Raise Your Glass, Try your hardest, and your legs will like Just Like Fire.

Earth, Wind & Fire Ride

Let’s Groove ZenTribe! Sing a Song while you pedal in your Boogie Wonderland Fantasy. Together, we are all Shining Stars!