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About ZenRide

The ZenRide methodolgy is SAFE, effective and FUN! 

Strengthen your body. Free your mind. Come experience ZenRide for yourself.

Our mission is to offer well crafted, inspirational classes to all ages and fitness levels; to clear your mind, strengthen your body, and uplift your spirit through the traditional Spinning® program. All classes are mixed level, welcoming newcomers who are encouraged to go at their own pace, while still challenging the most experienced riders. Most ZenRiders burn 500-700 calories per class.

Our 36-bike candle-lit room sets the tone for making it your own workout, coached by our instructors through a high energy 50 minute class. ZenRiders leave feeling energized, ready to take on their next challenge. Fairfield’s first and only dedicated Spinning® Studio, ZenRide is a place where everyone can have fun and anyone can achieve their fitness goals. 

ZenRide combines highly skilled and passionate instructors, Spinner NXT bikes with the option to use their computers to track your mileage, RPM’s and Heart Rate, in a warm space with a killer sound system. No matter your age, fitness level, or experience on the bike, ZenRide is a place to improve your fitness goals and be inspired to fulfill your potential.